Mother Earth

Mother Earth’s heart continues to beat,
despite the poison being pumped
through her veins,
intoxicating her bloodstream,
weakening her heart tissue.

She is slowly dying.
Her skin is cracking,
completely battered
by the incessant hammering of bullets.
Inflamed, ulcerated wounds all over her body.

Her brain cells are being suffocated
by tumours that drain
all her energy.
Constricting the delicate ventricles
and mindlessly ripping the fragile nerves.

Her once radiant glow
now dimmed.

But what she doesn’t understand is
why those she gave life to
are killing her.
She never cries out though,
so they choose to ignore her frail state.

Their minds are too preoccupied
with their stubborn, conflicting beliefs.
Brutally battling,
retaliation after retaliation
for generations and generations.

Yet still, she provides them
with everything they need.
Air to breathe,
water to drink,
shelter to sleep

despite the torture
that continues to shrivel her
on the inside
and out.

Mother Earth’s lungs continue to contract and dilate
and with every breath she shudders,
she prays
that the hurt will end


by Anna Antwi

world edited