Best Albums to Listen to Whilst Studying

When you’ve got a lot of work to do, whether it is revision, an assignment or a 5,000 word essay, it is nice to listen to music to help you relax. Sometimes playing music in the background can help you focus more than sitting in complete silence.

However, there are times when the music can be a bit distracting and you find yourself belting out lyrics instead writing your paragraph.

Here are some good “chilled” albums to listen to whilst studying:

Souled Out – Jhené Aiko

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To be honest, anything by Jhené Aiko is great to listen to when you’re trying to knuckle down on some work. Her soft and calm voice is relaxing to listen to when studying or even when you just want to chill after a long day. But, this album in particular is a good a choice due its chilled R&B vibes. It will help to calm the mood especially if the workload is stressing you out and the slow beats won’t distract you too much from your work.
It’s Cool

A Seat At The Table – Solange 

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Solange’s soft beats and angelic voice is good to play during your study time and in this album you get plenty of this. It is a great addition to your music library if you want full concentration.
Cranes in the Sky

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – Ms Lauryn Hill

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Lauryn Hill’s soulful voice is pleasant to listen to when you’re trying to let go of the stress and create a relaxing atmosphere to write your essays in.
Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
To Zion

2014 Forest Hills Drive – J Cole 

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Some people may listen to Hip-Hop/Rap music to hype up the atmosphere and turn up to. For some people this can pump them up and help them concentrate on their heavy workload, but for others the heavy beats can distract them. If distraction is the case for you then J Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive is good album to play. The instrumentals are good to vibe to but are not too loud and disruptive.
Wet Dreamz
03 Adolescence